BreakWater™ Halloween Beach Volleyball Classic

Here they are! BreakWater™ Shades will be offering four options for the October 27th 2018 tournament. BVNE is excited to bring you this one of a kind event for 2018!

The first choice is is “Liquid Amber”. These are normally $95 online. Check them out on the BreakWater™ website.

LIQUID AMBER BreakWater Shades | Hybrid Sunglasses | Shades for Life

The second option is “Forbes”. This pair is normally $125 online, and BreakWater™ Shades has included these as an option for this event. Check them out online here!

We also have “Nika” which normally sells for $125 online and are currently sold out. You can check them out here!

“Gondolier” shades are the fourth option. You can view them on and normally sell for $125.

BVNE selected for tournament sponsor and host!

Beach Volleyball National Events™ is proud to have been selected as the event sponsor and host for the inaugural BreakWater™ Halloween Beach Volleyball Classic! This special event is the only event in 2018 where you can get a pair of Breakwater™ Shades with your registration! Come play on October 27th!
As a special Breakwater series event, teams that play together with partners from their club will also be awarded double points towards the JBCL.  Club directors will need to provide a roster of their teams.

This past winter BVNE was selected to host the inaugural King of the Snow™ event at Mammoth Mountain! BVNE is proud to host yet another memorable event in 2018.