BreakWater Shades Beach Volleyball Tournament 2019

Thank you to all our players who came out to have a great day and go home with a new pair of sunglasses from BreakWater Shades. We saw plenty of great volleyball and players and parents out for the day. We hope you also got to watch the schools that were playing in the pre-season collegiate challenge too.

We were able to grab a few photos too. They are all here, just click on each for a larger size image.

BreakWater Shades Sunglasses Halloween Tournament

This weekend players from all over southern California will head to Santa Monica and play in the BreakWater Shades Beach Volleyball Tournament! This is a fun event where players can enjoy great competition. Come play BVNE!

Ticket price includes a pairs of BreakWater Shades for each player! Costumes are optional, but a huge amount of fun. Earn points for your national ranking and…

Players first through third will earn their bid and be invited to play in both 2020 BVNE championship events.

Don’t miss this, it only happens once a year!

BreakWater™ Halloween Beach Volleyball Classic

Here they are! BreakWater™ Shades will be offering four options for the October 27th 2018 tournament. BVNE is excited to bring you this one of a kind event for 2018!

The first choice is is “Liquid Amber”. These are normally $95 online. Check them out on the BreakWater™ website.

LIQUID AMBER BreakWater Shades | Hybrid Sunglasses | Shades for Life

The second option is “Forbes”. This pair is normally $125 online, and BreakWater™ Shades has included these as an option for this event. Check them out online here!

We also have “Nika” which normally sells for $125 online and are currently sold out. You can check them out here!

“Gondolier” shades are the fourth option. You can view them on and normally sell for $125.